Sunday, 13 July 2014

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Tools – Ad Copy Analysis – Ispionage

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Ispionage is an advanced tool that helps to understand which kind of ads actually work and also the kind of ads competitors use. It helps us to get insights on our competitor’s Search Marketing Strategy. Here is the procedure how to use Ispionage:
1. Go to “Ispionage .com”. Enter the “Keyword/Domain” name in the search text box. Hit the “Search”button.
2. Scroll down to the “Top Ads in Google”. Here you can find the competitors ads. Highlighted below are the competitors ad.
3.Click on “View More”.
4. You will get a detailed report on “Top Ads in Google” as shown below.
5. From here, you will get an idea about the competitor’s ad copy. You will get the details like destination URL used by the competitor, average rank, number of days seen, first seen & last seen.
Additionally, you will be able to identify the competitor’s advertising strategies. Acquiring such information about the competitor strategy, can help you to design the most effective ad copies and helps to take decision on the landing pages.
Eg: If any offers are used by the competitors, we can also use that in our ads.
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